Our objective

Our goal is to give you the best of ourselves by acting as a partner and advisor. Offering you creative and relevant solutions in ergonomics to the extent of your needs by offering quality products that will promote your efficiency, your companies and its most important resource; human.

Our history

Ergoburo is a division of Consulis Environnent de bureau which has been recognized for several years in Quebec for its concern to offer an ergonomic approach in the realization of large commercial developments. This aspect led us naturally to the creation of Ergoburo in 2009. Its vocation is to bring innovative and quality material solutions to allow a better adaptation of the workstations to the people who use them. This means for us, tools that allow optimal adaptation for everyone according to the needs and functional constraints of each one in a preventive and curative framework. Putting the user the center of workplace design is our goal.

Our solutions

Each person is unique and any workstation adjustment requires special attention. Proper adjustment and landscaping of your work space allows you to adopt a natural and comfortable posture. We must identify the problems and make the corrections. We invite you to consult our wide range of ergonomic products to find the elements of solutions that we wish, will participate in improving your quality of life at work.