How to choose a good ergonomic chair

We are all the same, we always want more for our money, but there is a minimum to pay for an ergonomic chair that will serve you well over time and that will meet all the criteria of ergonomic adjustment according to the morphology of all and each. Paying for a lower quality or poorly proportioned model does nothing. With all the hours we spend at work, we must consider the purchase of a chair as an investment, just think of the discomfort, risk of injury, absence and costs of medical treatment.

In this context, a minimum budget of around 400$ is to be expected to have quality and to allow all the necessary adjustments such as the height and depth of the seat, the height and width of the arms, the movement of the armrests front-back and lateral position as well as the adjustment of the lumbar support in height.


Evaluation for a good adjustment

  1. Head straight, gaze slightly downward without tilting the neck. The back is in contact with the backrest from the lumbar region to the shoulder blades.
  2. The lumbar support should be adjusted to the correct height in the hollow of the back.
  3. The armrests are adjusted below the height of the elbows to let them rest without raising the shoulders. The forearms resting close to the body. On the desk, the wrists in a neutral position without breaking.
  4. The thighs should be parallel to the floor at an angle between 90° and 110°.
  5. A space is kept between the back of the knees and the end of the front of the seat of 2 to 3 cm.
  6. The legs form a right angle (90°) while the feet rest flat on the ground or on a footrest if this is not possible.